Saturday, December 10, 2011

-=Tools and Technology (Induction Heater)

            One thing that excites me as a technician and probably most "gear heads" is tools.  I especially like new technology in tools.  One of the newest tools in my collection I am really enjoying is the Mini-Ductor II.  The Mini-Ductor II is made in the USA (which I strongly prefer) by Induction Innovations

What is a Mini-Ductor and what does it do?  It is an inductive heater, which uses magnetic fields, and electrical current to heat metallic objects such as nuts and bolts.  The benefit is the unit heats the object without an open flame.  It's best use is for freeing seized fasteners in tight areas where a torch may melt plastic or wiring causing more damage then necessary.

I was very impressed when I used this tool to remove a couple seized strut bolts from a steering knuckle, I was able to get these large bolts cherry red without a torch.  I also found I could use the U-form coil on a seized tie rod end.  In that case I did not have to remove the wheel or lift the car to use a torch which saved me a ton of time. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't ditch the torch all together.  There are many times when a torch may help get the job done quicker.  And you can run the torch much longer then you can the Mini-Ductor II, as like a welder it has a duty cycle.

I also want to mention I have seen some other inductive heaters on the market.  Though the Mini- Ductor II  was less than half the price, it's quality is top notch.  I also like that it comes in a nice case and is portable, try taking your torch with you.  And I am very happy with my decision to purchase this unit and would recommend it to anyone especially those working at home since it runs on 110v.

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