Monday, December 12, 2011

-=The Search (For the New Tool Box)

            Recently I was in the market for a new tool chest, after having 2 smaller boxes, and running out of room.  I started looking at used boxes, I had seen a couple snap-on ones on  However everything I was finding used was either way above my allowed budget or in rough shape. 

So I started looking at some of the local retailers, I remember seeing a really nice looking stainless steel one at Lowes.  My wife and I took a ride over to Lowes to check it out.  The brand was Kobalt, it had a pioneer radio, and a mini fridge.  I think the WoW factor of these items caught my eye more than the quality.  My wife suggested I go home and look at reviews of the box before buying anything.

She was right, (as usual) the reviews were mixed though several things caught my attention, first the drawer slides do not seem to hold up, the second the locking mechanism fails often and is not serviceable, and last something I wouldn't have thought much about the casters all swivel which makes the box harder to steer around the shop.  So I quickly checked that box off my list, thanks to my wife for keeping me from buying a piece of junk.

Next up we looked at Harbor Freight, though I am not a big fan of items made overseas.  After realizing my Snap-on box wasn't even made in the USA, I cared a little less.  They had a nice box that was 56 inches long.  This style box is what most technicians refer to a "hot dog cart" it's long and low.  I really liked the box, the quality looked decent and it was less than a 1/4 of the cost of a comparable Snap-on box.  However after measuring the space I have available and the fact that there is no top box offered I decided to pass on this box.

Off again shopping, my wife and I decided to stop at Sears and check out the craftsman boxes just to compare.  I really didn't think I would find anything there, however they started carrying this new line of boxes from Viper Tool Storage.  My wife said wow this is pretty nice, the quality was really decent for the pricing.  After checking the options available I went home to think it over.  I had a couple questions about the box, like where are they made, what does the warranty cover, and what is the weight rating of the slides.

After doing some research, I found viper's website I e-mailed them my questions and within a day I had responses from the owner of the company himself.  Without hesitation he told me the boxes were made overseas, and that they could make me one in the US however it would cost a lot more.  He also told me the slides could handle 100lbs a drawer (which my Snap-on is only 120lbs so not much difference), the lifetime warranty covers the slides, locks, and casters.  So with the quick response, and honest answers I decided to give them a try.

So back to Sears later that week, we picked up the new Viper box.  I am very happy with the quality, not to mention the little extras, like the pre-cut drawer mats.  So if you are in the market for a new box, I would suggest checking out Viper Tool Storage.


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