Friday, December 9, 2011

-=Rodents - "The Unseen"

            A very common and yet unthought-of concern is the vehicle damage caused by hungry rodents.  We have had countless rodent issues in the past with various customer vehicles.  Most often the damage is found in the form of electrical problems, as they like to chew away at wire insulation.  Another form is a strange smell, where they have been known to crawl up into tight spaces and die (like the HVAC system).

This occurrence was new to me, the customers car was a 2003 Honda Civic.  The vehicle came in for issues not related to rodent damage.  Though what I found was interesting, it seems these little critters like to eat under coating.  (As Seen), I had found multiple neat rows or tiny teeth marks up and down the edges of the underbody.  The coating was an aftermarket under coating that is typically sold by a car dealer and not a factory coating.  I do not know if there was a reason this particular under coating was targeted, as this is the first time I have seen this.

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