Sunday, January 29, 2012


People sometimes will ask what I do outside of work.  Well, I work sometimes on other peoples projects, and when I am not doing that I am helping my wife with house work (though if you ask her I don't do anything around the house, LoL).  Sometimes though I do find some time to play with my toys.  I own a couple of quads, and jet ski's (which my wife wants me to sell the ski's).

Well today I had a chance to spend a little time working on my 2001 Yamaha Raptor 660r.  I was so busy last season (it's winter now so my side projects die down) that I hadn't had a chance to go use the quads at all.  This year I want to use them and if not I'll probably be down sizing my collection.  So I figured I would perform all the maintenance work (cleaning the carbs, changing the fluids, lubeing them, replacing the brake pads ect).

Today I pulled the carbs off the Raptor, I had rebuilt them 2 years ago and had put a minimal amount of hours on it since.  However when I when to fire her up to pull her in the shop, fuel was leaking out of the fuel bowl vent.  A classic sign of the float sticking or the needle valve not sealing properly, typically due to dirt.  Since I didn't have that much time to work on it today I got the carbs pulled off and on the bench.  Of course I had to see what the fuel bowl looked like inside (on atleast one of the 2).

I pulled the fuel bowl off, and there was some dirt build up in the bottom of the bowl.  When I have some more time I will dissassemble them further and clean them, then finish cleaning the frame, and the plastics some more before reassembling it.  I still have a few more projects to complete on this one, but I have some time before spring gets here so hopefully all goes well and I will finish her up soon and get her back under the covers till it's time to go ride!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend!

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