Thursday, January 12, 2012

-=DIY Repairs, No Guts No Glory...

To the left is an example of a customer repair gone wrong.  This shot is of a brake rotor (From a 1999 3500 RAM), that has separated due to rust.  The customers complaint was the axel was locking up, he believed there was a problem with the 4x4 locking hub or the front diff.  Upon inspection this is what we found, when the rotor separated, the 2 halves wedged themselves causing the RF wheel to lock! 

The customer in effort to save money and possibly for the lack of proper tooling,  Neglected to replace his rotors, during his recent DIY brake job.  Had the job been properly done he could have saved himself much more time and money.

As a technician, I have no problem with customers who perform some of their own repairs.  However when you neglect to replace key components or cut corners to save money, it often times puts everyone at risk.  Had this rotor locked up his RF under different circumstances, (like doing 80 on the highway) the results could have been much worse.  Not only for him but others around him.

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