Thursday, December 8, 2011

-=Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

            I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays for those who do not celebrate Christmas.  This time of year for most of us is about giving thanks, and shareing our gifts with each other.  In part this time of year is also about giving and charity especially to those who are in need. 

My wife and I both believe in charity, we give through out the year from time to time to various charities, one of my favorite is St. Jude.  Working in the automotive field occasionally we deal with charity cases.  Sometimes through a charity, sometimes they are regular customers who are down on their luck.  When it comes to charity in my own personal opinion I would choose to give to those who are in true need the help, not to those who are not attempting to improve their situation or are only looking for a free ride. 

I have a loss of compassion for those who chose not to help themselves,  as well as those who take advantage of a charity.  A customer who is being "helped" by a charity for auto repairs on a vehicle that fairly newer and who also owns a high line European vehicle in my opinion is taking advantage of the situation .  If you are in really bad financial shape I would think a vehicle down grade is in order.  When you have exhausted your own options, only then should a charity help you. 

I believe in helping people get back on their feet, but when the help is ongoing, without seeing positive results it's time to move on and help someone else. On a last note, I would like to encourage all those reading my posts here to find a way to help those who need it this holiday season and through the year, we are all in this together after all.

            PS: For those enjoying our tax dollars without contributing, may Santa leave you some coal in your stocking to heat your home...

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