Saturday, December 3, 2011

-=Customer Complaint - "Bounces out of Park"

            Today a customer with an '03 Envoy came in with a complaint of "my car would not go into park, it bounced back into reverse 3 times" .  After testing the shifter , and inspecting the shifter cable at the transmission  no fault was found.  We then recommended removing the center console to inspect the shifter. 

Upon removal, we found multiple sets of tweezers, pencils, straws, tooth picks, loose change and more.  Ultimately, there was an eye liner pencil jammed into the detent spring, the pencil was snapped in half.  It appears the broken half had been blocking the shifter cable from moving forward until the pencil finally broke. 

Mystery solved, an expensive price to pay for not cleaning your car.  And for those who may ask, how did the junk get under the console?  I assume it fell in at the very front of the console, below the radio and ac controls where there is a small gap, and possibly any other small opening as there were many items sitting in and around the console...

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